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Roofing in Elk Grove

Roofing in Elk Grove. After a wet and windy winter it is time for a roof inspection and repairs if needed. The folks at ACS Roofing can help. They specialize

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Roofing using a nail gun or hand nailing?

Roofing using a nail gun or hand nailing, which is the best way to install a roof? This question can be argued both ways and both can be correct. The simple answer is.

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Summer Heat Means Hydrate

Roofing in the heat of the summer months can be really challenging. Exerting ones self like hard work done up on a roof requires hydration, especially in the hot humid summer.

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REX Flintkote Roofing The History of Roofing

REX Flintkote Roofing The History of Roofing Better known as The Flintkote Company, was founded in 1901 then incorporated in 1917. It was primarily a manufacture of asphalt shingles but many other

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Ladder Safety

Ladder Safety is very important thing to be aware of when accessing the roof, cleaning the gutters or just general maintenance around the home.  It may surprise you that ladder falls are one

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5 Signs of a Good a Roofer

5 Signs of a good a roofer. So you are new to the area and you have a roof leak. Who do you call? Most people do not have a list

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Do I need tar paper under my shingles?

Do I need tar paper under my asphalt shingles? was asked this question a while back by a woman and this question comes up very often. So this will be todays blog

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Roofing your house yourself . . . is it worth the risk?

Roofing your house can be one of the hardest home improvements to do it yourself. Now that the winter is gone, roofing maybe on the list of many folks whose roof