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Does an expensive roof add value when selling a home?

Cary Asks, My wife and I are trying to decide on what type shingles to put on our new roof replacement. I want to use a higher grade with a

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Is there another kind of roof gutter?

Mamie from Va. asks, Is ther another kind of roof gutter? My roof has a opening that has exposed beams and a gutter is not a option. How can I

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Should I do the rain gutters with the roof?

The answer is yes. It is a good idea while the roof is off to install new gutters if they are going to be replace soon. The reason why is,

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Where do I buy tiles to match my roof?

This can be most difficult if your home is older than twenty years. Concrete tile has many colors and profiles. If you need one or fifty tiles, they can be

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Rain Chains, Do they really work?

How do Rain Chains work? Rain Chains are a unique addition to a home’s rain gutter system. They function well and also add a pleasant waterfall sound as the rainwater

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How to access a steep roof to clean my fireplace.

I do strongly recommend using a professional. This type of work can injure or kill you. I use a chicken ladder. This is a ladder with a hook on the

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What size nail do I use for the ridge cap?

Pete asks; If you use a high definition ridge cap and only one layer of shingles, you need about a two-inch nail. The code says nails should penetrate through the

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Loading materials on a roof.

I want to share a simple but important tip. When you order your materials, make sure you get the pricing for "roof top delivery". If you don't, you may have
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My roofing contractor says. . .

Sabrina from Valinda CA asked on 4/12/2013, My roofer said that vents are not needed if the roofing material is 5 lbs per square or less. Do you agree? Well

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Why does moss grow on rooftops?

Moss forms on a roof when it is wet or constantly damp and shaded. It occurs most of the time on the north side of homes in the northern hemisphere

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